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How to make company registration for a factory

You have to register your factory before starting your operations. In any country company registration is very necessary and important part.

When to apply for registration:

You have to register when you set up a factory, or when changes your UEN and when you relocate your factory.

The cost of registration:

The cost of registration depends on the nature of the work and numbers of all the workers working in the factory.

Who can apply:

For the registration of the company, only the company owner who is representing or the authorised legal member of the third party can apply.

The time it takes:

For the factory notification, there is an immediate acknowledgement, for one-time factory registration only 7 working days are required, and for renewable factory registration 1 month period it takes.

Validity time:

  • For the one time, factory registration validity is for lifetime and validity for renewable factory registration is only for 5 years.
  • All factories defined under workplace and safety health must have to register their factories before starting the operations.
  • If your company is involved in high-risk activities than you have to apply for a certificate of registration.
  • If your company involves in low-risk activities than you have to submit only once about your activities.
  • The self-assessment tool for company registration in dubai will tell you while your factory needs a notification or registration.

Factories not required for registration:

You are not allowed to register if the following scenario applies:

If your factory is doing work of building operations other than the pilling work or work of engineering construction that has not exceeded more than 2 months.

Regardless they work at same time, some them are less than 10 who work at your premises.

You don’t need registration if your factory doesn’t create or use mechanical power, steam boiler, gas plant, refrigerating plant pressure receiver or steam container.

As well if they are not using high flammable or noxious substance. Any of these things, if they are not using there, is no need for company registration then.

Additional requirements:

The requirements depend on whether your factory is under one time or renewal company registration. 

One time company registration includes:

  1. Work sites of construction
  2. Factories of fabrication
  3. Pharmaceutical factories
  4. Shipyards
  5. Factories of metal where employees are more than 100.

In Renewal includes:

  1. Plants of petrochemical
  2. Refineries
  3. Bulk storage chemical where the storage capacity of toxic, flammable liquid is 5000 cubic meters.
  4. Chemical plants those are manufacturing hydrogen fluoride, fluorine and chlorine and carbon monoxide.

Requirements for one-time company registration:

You should have to declare that company has implemented the risk management. They will conduct the safety and health management system audit within the 2 months of the operation started. You have to submit the audit review within 2 months of receiving the CR. Otherwise, the CR will be revoked.

Renewable registration requirements:

Factories under the renewable company registration declare during the registration that factory has implemented the risk management.  You have to submit also the hazard analysis during registration. You are required to submit the qualitative risk assessment before 3 months of registration.