Casablanca Morocco

The Big 5 Construct event will open in Casablanca City in April 2017

On April 25-27, 2017, the Big 5 Construct North Africa will open its doors to visitors at the Parc des Expositions of Office des Changes located in Casablanca, Morocco bringing a series of free of charge workshops, exhibitions and conferences. The Big 5 event features building and construction exhibition shows that extend to over five countries. The event serves as a meeting platform for different exhibitors and visitors and helps them be acquainted with its different spectacles, tendering updates regarding the up and coming markets, from regulation to new products, in addition to the selected industry intelligences to help construction experts make well-rounded decisions.

The organizer of the event brings together a network of 300,000 contractors and consumers of construction products from 120 nations.

According to a report, the construction industry in the Kingdom of Morocco is projected to grow at a composite yearly percentage of around four percent for the next four years and the event will take advantage of the said developments.  It is expected that the Big 5 Construct event will aid in the forthcoming regional and worldwide expansion prospects by accommodating the performers in the construction sectors from all over the world, eventually reinforcing the Moroccan trade.

During the last year’s event, the 2016 Big 5 event hosted by Kenya, contracts were endorsed at the same time. The organizer of the event is very optimistic that the event in April will get the same positive outcomes in Casablanca.

The Mall Zellij in Morocco is just one of the companies who has confirmed their presence in the event.  According to the event organizer other companies like the Le Comptoir, Patmas Afrique, Vicaima Africa, and Chaoui Bois have confirmed their attendance. The foreign companies who confirmed to be participating in the event are the AIA (American Institute of Architecture), RICS Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors), Dubai Exports, DBA (Developers and Builders Alliance), and the KFMB (Kenya Federation of Master Builders).

Just like the previous events, this upcoming occasion will share not just networking opportunities. It will also offer a series of free discussions, forums and training highlighting its theme: “Continued Professional Development.”

According to the event organizer, the Big 5 Construct is being held annually to talk about the best procedures and advanced concepts regarding the construction industry. They are self-assured that the event will upkeep the economic wealth of the Kingdom of Morocco which provides for the requirements of home-grown producers and construction specialists.

The event also offers a Hub and a website which is advantageous to the players in the construction by providing direct access and contacts to different developers, wide-ranging consultations with market leaders and professionals from the biggest companies in the world. The website provides market reports and analysis of the construction sector in each country, updates from the construction industry comprising the recent and upcoming contracts, project information, scopes of government construction strategy and infrastructure venture plus the specifics of tenders and the works.